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Students occupy the Sorbonne      Paris, France 1968



       are we

here for?


To ask that very question, and to act on the answers we ultimately arrive at.


Radical Praxis is a group devoted to developing a vision of the best possible world, and to the realization of that vision.


All in all, we recognize that this requires a crucial understanding of the reality with which we are faced- an understanding that can be arrived at through focused study and an informed political and social activism.


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radical adj.

             Arising from or

             going to a root

             or source





















           praxis n.

Reflection and       action upon the  world in order to  transform it












Most everything, we believe, is connected. Hence, we are here for drawing those connections that provide a conception of the larger picture. At the same time, we remain highly critical of the conventional picture often framed for us.


By way of single-issues campaigns, we may begin to challenge with those institutions-seemingly impossible to describe, much less confront- that directly affect our lives. But these campaigns must seek to draw out the links between different forms of oppression. We cannot even begin to address issues of race, for example, unless we are prepared to confront issues of class as well.





From France to China, from the United States to Indonesia, students’ movements have had an overwhelming effect on history. It might be wishful thinking to believe we ourselves could ever achieve such success, but we’ll never know for sure unless we try.


For this reason, we severely limit ourselves and the potential for change if our focus remains the university and not the community around us.




Students challenge the government

     Beijing, China 1989   





Any and all means imaginable.


This could take the form of education, posters, demonstration, leadership development, direct action, tabling, theater, community participation, forums, lectures, discussion groups, publications, work shops, and so on.


And hopefully, through critical reflection on our own experience, we may learn what the most valuable routes are for bringing about the world we envision- a world free of oppression on all levels.


All the while, we hope this aspiration is reflected in ourselves, that our organizing prefigures the world we wish to create.


The future will only contain what   we put into it now.

-Paris student graffiti 1968